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Philip James Media On YouTube

On a mission to connect doctors and patients, through Philip James digital platforms — patients can access information…

Surgical Errors

It is reported that surgical errors occur more than 35% of the time. This article cautions patients about errors that commonly…

A City’s Marketing Machine

The city of Medellín teaches us why a marketing campaign fails when there is no plan beyond advertisement or an offer.

Did We Get Zero Energy Wrong?

Is it erroneous to say net-zero is the best goal for housing and buidlings? The term is commonly used by builders …

Facebook Live With Philip James

Live interviews by Philip James are the most popular doctor – patient webcasts on the web. A typical episode receives more than 20k views and 500+ engagements.

An Innovation Hoax

What makes a city innovative? Cities from around the world produce marketing campaigns as a means to attracting the next unicorn startup. Philip James writes …

Health & Covid Interview

In April 2020, many patients were confined to lockdown and seeking answers to possible health issues. During this Doctor Tiroides episode, Philip James interviews …

Media Booth Production

The Play+ Media Booth disrupts the way companies exhibit at trade shows. The concept was tested at the Sports Betting Conference in New Jersey, and with …
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