The Innovation Struggle of Latin America and The Medellín Marketing Machine

Medellín is Colombia’s second largest city, and maybe most famous for being home to Pablo Escobar’s cocaine-cartel. During Escobar’s rule, Medellín was the world’s most murderous city, with 381 for every 100,000 inhabitants. During the height of his business, Escobar was reportedly worth 50B and ranked on the Forbes list of the world’s most rich. Between 1988 […]

Did We Get Zero Energy Wrong? Arizona Builder Designs for the Grid, not Net-Metering

Dave Everson, CEO Of Mandalay Homes, Says It Is Time To Revamp The Renewable Energy Model By Designing For The Grid — Not Net-Metering. This Means Redefining How We Talk About Zero Energy. Dave Everson is recognized as a leader for homebuilding innovation — his company, Mandalay Homes, received the DOE Innovation Award ten times since 2013. An […]

Startup targets zero-energy homes

W. P. Carey alums are using lessons learned in a W. P. Carey Master of Real Estate Development (MRED) classroom to help chart their vision of the future of homebuilding, one built around neighborhoods and communities replete with zero-energy homes. Mike VanSteenkiste (MRED ’07) and Philip Beere (MRED ’07) have teamed up to launch a project that will offer net-zero home plans, […]

The 5 Sustainability Marketing Pitfalls to Avoid

In a previous article, I help you identify your company’s sustainability type. Before messaging sustainability, it is important to know your company type. To recap, there are three types of company categories: (*a sustainabilty related product, such as solar panels or energy efficient homes, does not qualify as category 1 or 2 listed above; usually these […]

What is Your Company’s Sustainability Type?

Before Marketing Sustainability, It Is Important To Know Your Company Type. Share on facebookShareShare on twitterTweetShare on linkedinShare Now, to take a closer look at each company type. 1. Sustainabilty in its DNA These companies started with sustainable or purpose-driven from day 1.Examples are few and far between, but include Novo Nordisk, Patagonia, Tom’s, Interface, […]
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