What is Content Marketing?

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What is Content Marketing?
What is Content Marketing?
Good content or “storytelling” is effective in building trust and loyalty with your customers, partners, employees, and stakeholders.

Good content or “storytelling” is effective in building trust and loyalty with your customers, partners, employees, and stakeholders.

The most memorable brands do it; they tell great stories and produce amazing content in an effort to build trust and loyalty with customers, partners, employees, and stakeholders. Patagonia produces movies. Airbnb has built an entire series around guest stories. Starbucks produced a six-part feature on Amazon Video, telling stories of fútbol or soccer.

Topics discussed in this article include the benefits of content marketing, the ROI of content marketing, how to get started, and checking for quality content prior to publishing. (3-minute read)

Content marketing — defined

Educational → but its not about what the company sells. Instead, the company offers such good information that one becomes loyal to the brand. Think: storytelling meets technology.

Examples of content include videos, white papers, case studies, interviews, podcasts, eBooks, surveys, blogs, emails, info-graphs, and LinkedIn articles.

The above examples are married with social platforms, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Medium, Reddit, Libsyn, YouTube, Facebook Live, or Tumblr.c

The benefits of content marketing

What is the ROI of content marketing?

A frequent question about content marketing is, “what is the ROI of content marketing?” The best answer to this question is, “what is the ROI of a Super Bowl ad?” In order to answer the ROI question, one must weigh the ten content marketing benefits listed above.

It takes time

Curating “quality” content takes time.

  • The benefits aren’t immediate – content marketing takes time. There is normally a period of trial and error to discover what works best before you see results.
  • Skills and resource: content marketing can be time-consuming. It requires someone who understands business and is creative, with expertise in curation and storytelling.
  • Crafting good content ideas requires requires input from the CEO and leadership team.
  • Measurement: relatively easy to measure its impact on web traffic. More difficult to measure its impact on brand reputation, brand awareness and brand loyalty.

Anyone can churn out content. But, only the best marketers churn out “quality” content. It is important to know the difference.

Philip Beere
Creative Director

Getting started

If a company wants to get started with content marketing, these are items to consider:

  1. In order to be successful, it must be CEO directed and supported.
  2. Find a creative who knows business — and knows content curation. Quality content creation cannot be taught.
  3. Shift away from self-promotion: instead, promote narratives that feature stakeholders, partners, employees, and causes.
  4. Abandon the typical press release: find creative ways to share company news.
  5. Find help: use platforms like UpWork to locate talented creatives. Consider help that is not limited to your geo-location.
  6. Consider lead times: curating quality content takes time.
  7. Implement company-wide LinkedIn profiles to help share your stories.

Quality check: prior to publishing your content

With LinkedIn Publishing, take advantage of analytics

In the crowded space of digital marketing and social media platforms, LinkedIn is the most effective way to reach a B2B audience. When publishing on LinkedIn, key audience insights are provided. This makes LinkedIn one of my favorite platforms for publishing good content. While social media platforms are saturated with average content, there is a shortage of quality content. Below, an example of LinkedIn audience analytics.

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Philip Beere
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