Patagonia Has Created One Of The Most Referenced Corporate Responsibility Examples In The World, With An Emphasis On Storytelling, Transparency, And Reporting → Here Are Lessons From The The CR Leader.

Labeled Purpose-Driven, Patagonia’s Brand Activism Gets Louder, And Profits Increase. When a company cares, is it called CR, TBL, CSR, sustainability, or environmentalism?  For Patagonia, the chosen label is responsibility — or maybe no label at all, as caring has been in the company’s fabric since day one. Yet, Patagonia openly recognizes they are also a part of […]

A Low HERS Index And Zero Energy, Once A Market Differentiator — Not Anymore.

Other than high-budget custom, or tiny-minimalist homes, homebuilding is a homogenous industry — with little ingenuity. Instead, builders attempt differentiation by advertising smart home features, energy saving strategies, the latest wall assembly, or announcing green ratings, certifications, and awards won. Some go a step further, and claim their energy efficiency strategies and low-flush toilets help the environment.  Meanwhile, […]

Startup targets zero-energy homes

W. P. Carey alums are using lessons learned in a W. P. Carey Master of Real Estate Development (MRED) classroom to help chart their vision of the future of homebuilding, one built around neighborhoods and communities replete with zero-energy homes. Mike VanSteenkiste (MRED ’07) and Philip Beere (MRED ’07) have teamed up to launch a project that will offer net-zero home plans, […]

The 5 Sustainabilty Marketing Pitfalls to Avoid

In a previous article, I help you identify your company’s sustainability type. Before messaging sustainability, it is important to know your company type. To recap, there are three types of company categories: Sustainability in the DNA Sustainability integrated into the business and vision/mission Traditional, with no sustainability plan* (*a sustainabilty related product, such as solar panels […]

What is Your Company’s Sustainability Type?

Before Marketing Sustainability, It Is Important To Know Your Company Type. Share on facebookShareShare on twitterTweetShare on linkedinShare Now, to take a closer look at each company type. 1. Sustainabilty in its DNA These companies started with sustainable or purpose-driven from day 1.Examples are few and far between, but include Novo Nordisk, Patagonia, Tom’s, Interface, […]

What’s Your Sustainability Story?

The World’s Most Sustainable Companies Are The Most Profitable; Making Environmental And Social Responsibly A Priority. Lyft is looking to sustainability as a market differentiator away from Uber Nike turns to sustainability to drive innovation Unilever’s sustainable brands grow 50% faster than the rest of the business Mars Inc. is spending $1 billion on sustainability […]

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