The near-zero formula is seal, store, and solar.

Has been done before, but never to the mass scale of Mandalay ➝ 5000 new homes with a near-zero electric bill and zero carbon footprint*. With no additional cost to the homeowner.  Mandalay Founder, Dave Everson, has cracked the housing + energy conundrum. (*Carbon footprint based only on estimated building energy use) #innovation #disrupt #greenhomes #netzero #carbonneutral  

10 Things to Know — Before Doing Business in Medellín

This article is in response to the 206-page report by the OECD, “Promoting the Development of Local Innovation Systems: The Case of Medellin.” The Claim Has Become The Latest Fashion Trend, Cities Proclaiming They Are “The Silicon Valley Of Latin America.”  Those on the bandwagon include Santiago, São Paolo, Mexico City, and Medellín. Each city attempting to lure entrepreneurs, startups, and multi-national companies, […]

Scaling up Sustainable Living

Philip Beere (MRED ’07) got into the business of green building 10 short years ago, but in that time his projects have gained national attention and positioned him as an authority in the field. It all started while he was working on his degree at the W. P. Carey School of Business. “G Street Inc. […]

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