Christopher Davis

The Body Shop → Christopher Davis: Employee Activism and Company Culture

Christopher Davis

International corporate social responsibility professional and recipient of United Nations Business Leader Award. Creative and strategic thinker with a track record in delivering high impact, international projects. Expert in the development of integrated CSR strategy, change management and leading stakeholder engagement. Strong communication skills and experienced corporate communications leader and media spokesperson. Strong track as both a Board Member and Chair of NGO and Corporate Foundations

Responsible for leading the International CSR Team; and developing the company’s strategic approach and overseeing implementation to ensure The Body Shop’s performance as one of the world’s leading ethical brand is maintained and enhanced

In the interview, topics discussed include the following:

  • Philosophy of Natura (Antônio Luiz Da Cunha Seabra, Pedro Luiz Passos, Guilherme Leal) and The Body Shop (Anita Roddick), as rooted in the founders. 
  • Business as a force for good and change
  • The DNA of companies as seeing business as more than profit
  • TBL
  • 2050 Goals – partnership with Future Fit Foundation
  • Regenerative
  • Enrich Not Exploit — a first step toward developing Future Fit into the business
  • The philanthropy and sustainabilty team at The Body Shop — servicing 69 countries
  • How to engage employees? 
  • Enrich Not Exploit was launched during a challenging time within the company, and criticism came in the form of walking the walk, and talking the talk.
  • Securing a complete ban on animal testing
  • Employees encouraged to advocate for animal rights
  • Activist companies — and attracting talent — sharing beliefs and values
  • Millennials and interest in value-based business
  • The need for policy and regulation for the environment
  • Corporations picking up where politics is falling short
  • We must challenge the status quo and short term profits
  • Ask questions
  • If a company that is not open to be challenged will probably not thrive


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Christopher Davis



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