PJ Media startup client sees 300% increase in customer acquisition and a sharp increase in VC proposals.
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PJ Media startup client sees 300% increase in customer acquisition and a sharp increase in VC proposals.

The partnership will focus on brand awareness, event production, increasing sales, video production, and LinkedIn content strategy.

Kiran Brahmandam, CEO of Gaming Analytics. announced the partnership with PJ Media, which aims to increase brand awareness, support sales, and attract interest from VCs. Six months into the partnership, the results are even better than anticipated.

Within the first two months of launching the campaign(s), Brahmandam reports increased brand awareness, better positioning, and getting his company on the radar of key VCs.

We are honored to be selected by Gaming Analytics as their marketing partner.

They are an innovative company with forward-thinking leadership. This combination is a perfect starting point for implementing creative campaigns and content strategies.
Philip Beere
Creative Director at PJ Media

Brahmandam first took notice of Beere’s work three years ago. At that time, Beere headed marketing for Sightline Payments; he was in charge of creative and digital campaigns. Under his guidance, noteworthy campaigns included the Play+ Media Booth at G2E, Responsible Gaming initiatives, and directing all digital and social media.

Since launching the Gaming Analytics marketing campaigns, results have been almost immediate → 

1. Website

PJ Media did a complete redesign and development of the Gaming Analytics website. Including content, design, backend strategy, UX, and optimization. Within the firs two months, the new design improved Gaming Analytics website ranking from 6M+ to 1M+, ranking above all competitors. Meanwhile, website visits increased 400%.

2. G2E

G2E is the premier event for the gaming industry. Beere and Brahmandam anticipated a less attended event due to the pandemic, therefore, Beere and his creative team crafted an innovative digital plan that increased brand exposure and demos. The results were the following:

🔹 G2E ’21 Hot Hits Award: Gaming Analytics received the award; it recognizes the top 3 most popular new products at G2E, as voted by show attendees.

🔹 AI breakout Education sessions: In an effort to attract booth visits, Gaming Analytics hosted breakout education about AI. Speakers included Lisa Siples from Gulfstream Park, Greg Yochum from Lucky Dog Casino, and David Malbrough from The Meruelo Group.

🔹 “The Future of Gaming“: Featured in Yahoo Finance. CEO, Kiran Brahmandam, took the main stage at G2E’s Innovation Lab. Due to overwhelming response, the event was standing room only; it received 570+ people marked attending on Linkedin. Beere produced the event.

🔹 Live streaming: Leading up to G2E, those unable to attend the show in person expressed interest in Brahmandam’s speaking session. With this is mind, Beere and his team produced an innovative digital strategy that included G2E live web-streams — a live broadcast of Brahmandam’s education session and a tradeshow cam — walking the floor.

🔹 G2E custom landing page: a G2E custom landing page helped drive traffic to the Gaming Analytics website — interactive features included a dedicated Facebook chat, a booth map, and QR code that was placed on the Gaming Analytics business card.

🔹 Booth Design: with a booth budget of < $4,000, Beere and his team designed a booth that was attention getting and allowed for two areas to conduct customer demos.

🔹 Photographer: a PJ Media photographer was on hand to capture the show moments for Gaming Analytics. This helped with social media engagement during and after the conference.

🔹 Social engagement: beginning 8 weeks before the show, a social media planned was crafted that targeted LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. Also targeted, email campaigns and LinkedIn ads.

We are accomplishing more than ever thanks to our marketing partnership with PJ Media.

Our branding has improved, and we have caught the attention of key VCs. The marketing strategy implemented by Beere and his team is innovative and game changing.
Kiran Brahmandam
CEO of Gaming Analytics

3. LinkedIn Company Page

Since the partnership, the Gaming Analytics LinkedIn page has increased 80% in follower count. Based on LinkedIn’s analytics reporting tool, organic engagement for Gaming Analytics is 10x – 300x above competitors. The key: creative, professionally produced original content.

4. LinkedIn CEO

A strong CEO LinkedIn profile enhances a company’s message. With this said, managing Brahmandam’s profile page has been a key part of the branding campaign set fourth by PJ Media.

5. Video 🎬

By 2022, the number of users who watch videos on LinkedIn will increase 50% compared to 2020. In light of this trend, and increased demand, PJ Media has expanded its video team for the gaming and payment industries. For gaming Analytics, the focus was production of customer testimonial videos.

We needed customer testimonial videos in Washington state and Florida.

We arranged the guest for each video, and PJ Media did the rest! The videos are a hit, and build credibility. LinkedIn engagement was high. We are using the videos on YouTube and our website too.
Kiran Brahmandam
CEO of Gaming Analytics

6. YouTube and social media

While 95% of the focus of the initial launch is LinkedIn, PJ Media is set up the framework for a comprehensive social strategy that includes Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube for Gaming Analytics.


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