PJ Media’s marketing platform ranks #1 on Google (organic ranking)
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PJ Media’s marketing platform ranks #1 on Google (organic ranking)

After the first 12 months, the marketing platform for doctors ranks #1 on Google. This is good news for doctors.  

Every business wishes to rank organic #1 on Google. PJ Media’s Doctor Marketing has done just that, when searching “doctor marketing”.

Doctor Marketing is a subscription-based marketing platform; it is embraced by doctors worldwide who are realizing a digital presence is no longer an option. This became evident during the pandemic, the rise of telemedicine, and patients searching online for healthcare providers and doctors’ ratings.  Reputation management and personal branding are more important than ever for doctors.

Dr. Fabián Pitoia is a globally recognized doctor, with a highly engaged Facebook following of over 100k followers. He said he was missing digital presence beyond social media and a good website. For this, he signed up for Doctor Marketing’s subscription-based marketing platform.

The healthcare community was missing a marketing service that is easy and affordable.

The Doctor Marketing subscription-based marketing platform makes it easy and affordable. My patients are able to find me easier and I am able to better connect with peers.
Dr. Fabián Pitoia

In 2021, when searching for a healthcare provider, 60% of patients do so online.
Compare this to 22% in 2017.

Whether improving Google rank for our Doctor Marketing platform or a client website, we use the same winning formula.

It starts with great content. Our clients see we walk the walk, and talk the talk for designing effective marketing strategies.
Philip Beere
Creative Director, PJ Media

Best strategy for rankling #1 on Google?

According to PJ Media’s Co-founder and Creative Director, Philip Beere, good content is most critical, and the key to Google’s organic ranking. He emphasizes “good”, stating not all content is equal. 

Next, in order to improve organic ranking on Google, Beere says pay attention to the following:

🔘 Create unique and original website content — high-quality, unique content on every page. 

  • More is not better: engaging, interesting, and well written content is most important.  
  • Poor writing does more harm than good. 
  • Google penalizes sites that do not appear to be authoritative. 
  • Keywords: craft content that “naturally” utilizes your list of keywords. Beware, Google penalizes for keyword stuffing.
  • Blog: websites with blogs have 97% more indexed links. Indexing means your website can most effectively be crawled by Google. 
  • Titles, alt tags, and page URLs should reflect your keywords.  

🔘 Cornerstone content: for B2B this can be case studies or white papers.

🔘 Wordsmithing: if you do not have a skilled writer on staff, outsource. 

Wordsmithing: The making of changes to a text to improve clarity and style, as opposed to content.

🔘 Meta-descriptions: create meta descriptions that boost clicks.

Think of the meta descriptions as a preview of what a page contains. If the preview isn’t attractive, customers won’t click on your site in the results pages. Place your most sought-after keywords in the meta description for the best results.

🔘 Security and mobile friendly: these seem obvious, however, they are often missed.  


When following the above strategy, your organic rank on Google will improve dramatically. Good content is required, along with coordination, expertise, and a little time and patience.

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About Doctor Marketing

A subscription-based marketing platform for doctors. Used by leading healthcare brands and providers around the world. The service makes it easier for healthcare professionals to connect with patients, knowledge-share with peers, and manage reputation. Plans start as low as $100 monthly.


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He exited his marketing role for a 1B unicorn to launch a boutique marketing agency, PJ Media. He brings 15+ years directing creative campaigns, increasing bottom lines, and building brand awareness. He leads the creative team at PJ Media, directing strategic marketing campaigns – anchored by engaging narratives and telling great client stories. 


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