MaxBet Media Selects Philip James Media as Marketing Partner
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MaxBet Media Selects Philip James Media as Marketing Partner

Gaming’s #1 podcast, is poised to grow its audience with video production and a multi-channel social media presence.

MaxBet announced a marketing partnership with Philip James Media. MaxBet is gaming’s top podcast, hosted by industry veterans Mike McKiski & Landon Jones.

Our marketing partnership with PJ Media allows us to focus on podcast production and featuring a higher volume of guests. We saw the transformation PJ Media did for Gaming Analytics, with innovative marketing strategies and campaigns.
We are excited to align with an agency that will help us grow and understands the unique marketing needs of podcasts. They walk the walk and talk the talk.
Manager and Co-Founder at MaxBet Media

Beere, a former marketing executive for Sightline Payments, launched PJ Media to help companies in the gaming industry keep pace with the rapidly changing landscape of digital marketing. 

He is the host of popular podcasts, targeting healthcare professionals and responsible gaming. The agency’s services include digital marketing, content creation, copywriting, ad campaigns, email campaigns, video production, social media management, SEO, and podcast production.

With Beere’s personal success in podcasting, the partnership with MaxBet is a perfect fit.

“We are excited about our partnership with MaxBet Media. Mike and Landon are leading voices in the industry as they share stories of innovation in gaming and key people behind the scenes; we are honored to be aligned with the MaxBet show.” 
Creative Director at PJ Media

About MexBet Media

Many years in the making, MaxBet Media was born in early 2020 after a wild night of drinking, high-stakes gambling, and late-night storytelling amongst good friends and gaming industry veterans Mike “Kiski” McKiski and Landon Jones. What Kiski and Lando realized while sitting in a rooftop hot tub at 3 a.m. on a Wednesday, was that epic gambling stories and industry-changing business deals are happening around the world every single day.

Usually, these stories do not live to see the light of day, but rather are only whispered about at late-night convention parties and gaming industry events… until now.

Listen to MaxBet Media on iTunes by clicking here.

About PJ Media

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We can help you.

We work with thought-leaders and innovators — who want to take their brand to the next level with creative content campaigns, and digital marketing.

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