Jaap Kalma

Sports betting in United States vs Europe – Interview with Jaap Kalma from SBC

During the Betting on Sports America conference, Sightline’s Philip Beere sat down for an interview with Jaap Kalma, Business Development Director at SBC to discuss about sports betting in Europe and how it compares to United States.

In this interview we tackle the following topics:

✅ Sports betting in UK, Italy and Spain is a major factor in sports

✅ 8 jerseys in the Premier League and 17 out of 24 jerseys in the second level championship in soccer are sponsored by betting brands

✅ What do the sponsorships look like, and how much the sports betting brands are paying to be featured on a jersey?

✅ What can the US market learn from Europe’s betting sponsorship model?

✅ US vs Europe’s betting sponsorship model: What are the differences?

✅ What advice would you give to the US market?

✅ Creating added value partnerships between the sports teams and the betting brands

✅ How soon until we see a sponsored jersey related to sports betting in US?

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