The American Gaming Association’s Code of Conduct for Sports Betting – CEO Bill Miller

How the Industry is Extending Responsible Practices to New Type

Bill Miller is the President and Chief Executive Officer of the American Gaming Association. He comes from the larger business world, including the US Chamber of Commerce and the Business Roundtable, where he represented businesses all over the United States. 

Today, Miller discusses the American Gaming Association’s commitment to responsible gaming and its Code of Conduct in sports wagering marketing.

The American Gaming Association’s Mission

The American Gaming Association seeks to advance the interests of its members and create positive messaging for the US gaming industry. It articulates gaming’s important economic advantages in communities, such as job creation, small business opportunities, tax revenue, transfer payments from tribal nations to the States, et alia. 

The AGA has taken myriad strides in its effort to promote responsible gaming whenever possible, including hosting Responsible Gaming Education Week, advancing effective prevention methods, and promoting extensive employee education and training. 

“There’s a reason that this industry is at a high watermark in terms of how it is viewed by the general public,” says Miller. “And that is because in addition to the important economic value we create community by community, we’re also doing it in a responsible way.”

Welcoming Sports Betting

The AGA’s Code of Conduct was created over a decade ago, and all AGA members pledge to abide by its regularly-updated stipulations, including its provisions on employee assistance and training, alcohol service, casino gaming, sports betting, and marketing across the board. 

Since the Supreme Court overruled PASPA and opened the door for states to allow sports betting, the AGA has ensured that as sports wagering becomes a more prominent part of the gaming industry, its Code of Conduct is representative of these new developments. 

Already, 20 states and the District of Columbia have passed sports betting legislation. Miller explains that the best way for sports leagues to interact with gaming operators is through a contract, and he wants to ensure that all advertising for sports wagering is done in a wholly responsible manner. 

At the moment, over 35 deals have been consummated between various leagues or teams and the industry, including one deal with the NFL. It’s an exciting branding opportunity for AGA members as advertising opportunities pop up, and it’s good money for the leagues and teams, too. 

Ultimately, Miller wants to encourage this new facet of gaming while still protecting the industry’s firm beliefs – both within its Code of Conduct as it pertains to marketing and within the broad understanding that while gaming is a fun and exciting activity, the industry is only interested in appealing to a responsible adult audience. 

This demographic-specific advertising will be “successful for the patrons that we want to see engaged, and dissuades those that are vulnerable or the youth,” says Miller.

Dedication to Responsible Gaming

As the industry grows and the breadth of gaming options continues to expand, Miller thinks it’s important to keep responsible gaming at the forefront of every new development. The American Gaming Association acts as a leader, and it constantly demonstrates its commitment to responsible marketing and trustworthy corporate conduct. 

The industry looks forward to innovation driven by experiential dynamics, technological and research-based advancements, and future collaborations with academia. Above all, it values its patrons, whose responsible conduct is just as important to operators and stakeholders as it is to the individuals who partake in gaming.

“It is our imperative to ensure that people that come enjoy our industry and have fun, but that they don’t do it at their financial expense.” Bill Miller

Listen to Bill Miller discuss responsible gaming on the NO LINE podcast by clicking here.


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Responsible Gaming Education Week

Responsible Gaming Education Week (RGEW) was created by the AGA in 1998 to increase awareness of problem gambling among gaming industry employees and customers and to promote responsible gaming nationwide.

The AGA and the entire gaming industry realize that education is essential to promoting responsible play and increasing awareness of gambling disorders, and RGEW provides gaming companies with an opportunity to expand on work they do every day educating employees and patrons about the issue.

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