A Growing Need for Gaming Research — NCRG’s Executive Director, Russell Sanna, PhD

Dr. Russell Sanna, Executive Director for the National Center for Responsible Gaming (NCRG), says Responsible Gaming Week will bring together stakeholders from all over the world. Sanna affirms that responsible gaming “is expanding to become an incredibly important part of the American social, political, and economic fabric.”  Research and Collaboration in Responsible Gaming While the federal government doesn’t research […]

Responsible Gaming Should be an Extension of Good Customer Service — GameSecure’s Cameron Conn

GameSecure’s Database Will Protect ‘Self-Excluded’ Individuals Across the Country in Real-Time Co-founder and CEO of Bencon Technologies Cameron Conn created GameSecure, a program that can partner with operators and regulators in the US market to allow for real-time self-exclusion checks. Today, he discusses how GameSecure will fill in an important gap in responsible gaming practices. A […]

“Social Responsibility is Not an Option Anymore; It’s a Requirement” – Executive Director Keith Whyte, NCPG

How The National Council on Problem Gambling Prevents, Identifies, and Ultimately Helps Minimize Problem Gambling Addiction Keith Whyte is the Executive Director of the National Council on Problem Gambling. The NCPG’s mission is to lead state and national stakeholders in the development of comprehensive policies and programs for those affected by problem gambling disorder.  The National […]

The Success Rates of Proactivity – Dr. Brett Abarbanel, UNLV

How the International Gaming Institute Researches the Effectiveness of GameSense, and Why Responsible Gaming Efforts Don’t Need Empty Promises Dr. Brett Abarbanel is the Director of Research at the International Gaming Institute at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Today, she’s discussing the Institute’s research into GameSense and how companies can implement responsible gaming practices into their […]

Unicorns Aren’t Real, but the House Advantage Is – UNLV Distinguished Fellow Alan Feldman

How GameSense and the International Gaming Institute Are Making a Difference in Responsible Gaming Alan Feldman is a Distinguished Fellow in Responsible Gaming at the International Gaming Institute at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, and today he’s discussing GameSense, a customer-forward program that reminds casino-goers to have a fun, safe, and healthy gaming experience.  Promoted on slot […]

The American Gaming Association’s Code of Conduct for Sports Betting – CEO Bill Miller

How the Industry is Extending Responsible Practices to New Type Bill Miller is the President and Chief Executive Officer of the American Gaming Association. He comes from the larger business world, including the US Chamber of Commerce and the Business Roundtable, where he represented businesses all over the United States.  Today, Miller discusses the American Gaming Association’s […]

Technology Influences Responsible Gambling — Associate Director Jennifer Roberts, UNLV

A Perspective on Responsible Gaming by one of UNLV’s Top Regulation Experts Jennifer Roberts is the Associate Director of the International Center for Gaming Regulation at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Today, she’s discussing how technology influences responsible gambling practices.  The International Center for Gaming Regulation is a three-year-old program. It promotes best practices in […]

“Gamble With Passion, But Don’t Lose Your Head Over It” — Martin Lycka from GVC

GVC’s New Partnership with Harvard and Lessons Learned from Mistakes Made in Europe’s Gaming Market Martin Lycka is the Director of Regulatory Affairs at GVC Holdings. Today, he’s discussing his company’s interest in addiction research and responsible gaming as well as how the new United States sports betting market can learn from the European market’s mistakes.   Exchanging Data […]

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