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Online Events
Creating events specifically catered for the digital medium

What We Do

PJ Media has created digital event experiences that enable companies and brands to bring together large numbers of their stakeholder audiences. These experiences are specifically designed for the digital medium, leveraging the opportunities available for much more interactive dialogues and experiences than available in the traditional offline event format. ​

Digital Event Experiences ​

As we no longer go online, but live online, with multiple stages of buyers’ decision journeys being done digitally, the traditional offline and in-person event experience has evolved to be specifically tailored for the digital medium. ​ With the widespread onset of 5G technology, the quality of streaming keynote presentations has increased to an extent that viewers can feel they are there, seeing and hearing thought-leaders present as they would in the seated audience. However, the digital medium is providing even more opportunities than just saving costs of travel and lodging to such events – there are core interactive elements that are typically unavailable in an offline format.

As more of us integrate and rely on social networking within our business lives, some of the key learnings from these platforms are becoming commonplace in the digital event experience too. Interactive segmentation criteria for indicating pre-event the type of experience an attendee wishes for, customizing the relevance of connections and content based on combinations of profile information and prior content consumption, as well as the shared objectives of attendees, all play key roles to empower any “virtual” attendee to be more productive during a digital event. ​

PJ Media has developed groundbreaking solutions within the digital event space that enable companies to drive measurable consumption of event content, add value for attendees through interactive networking opportunities that are more relevant than in the offline world, and track customer interactions to feed insights to internal stakeholders for event follow-up. Using principles of on-demand content, segmented and interactive networking, as well as a one-with-one dialogue between keynotes and attendees, we are positioned as an true innovator within the space of digital events. ​


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