How Does Chiang Mai Score for Remote Workers in 2022?

How Does Chiang Mai Score for Remote Workers in 2022?

Chiang Mai is a Remote Workers’ Paradise (except for 3 months each year)

Chiang Mai has long been ranked as the most popular remote work destination. 

It is a highly desirable place to live for its peacefulness, creative energy, warm-hearted community, affordable cost of living, excellent housing options, a hub for creative talent, and excellent quality of life.


Top Rated by Digital Nomads

As of August 2022, Nomad List ranks Chiang Mai #3 as the highest rated by digital nomads, for under $1300 monthly cost of living. As post-pandemic travel rebounds, expect Chiang Mai to return to its top ranking.

The Burning Season: 90 Days of Poor Air Quality

There are two strikes against Chiang Mai; its annual burning season which results in the world’s poorest air quality for three months, and visa obstacles for remote workers.

Photo credit: Bangkok Post March 2019

Featured in this video: exploring Chiang Mai through the lens of its creative coffeehouse culture:

  • Creative Energy
  • Safety
  • Nightlife
  • Nature
  • Fitness
  • Housing
  • Healthcare
  • Transportation 
  • Bicycle-Friendly 
  • Walkability
  • Cultural Diversity
  • Quality of Life
  • Environment / Air Quality

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